Are you looking into having a surgery in the near future? Maybe knee replacement, fibroid removal, hip replacement? If so, now may be the time to get yourself prepared so that the surgery will be a success and you will bounce right back afterwards.

It is said that fifty percent of the outcome depends on the surgeon’s skill – the other fifty percent are determined by you. Medical studies conducted out of Boston focused on knee- and hip-replacement surgery patients who participated in six weeks of pre-surgery workouts. The preparation entailed strength training, aerobic and flexibility exercises as well as aquatic exercises. By participating in these exercises, the patients reduced their chances of needing in-patient rehabilitation by an incredible 73 percent.

 If you have the time, now is a good time to prepare for your surgery which can make a difference not only in the pain relief before surgery but also in the surgery and rehab process.

Studies have proven that a pre-hab program increases functioning and decreases pain so you can undergo surgery in optimum shape. The more you can do for yourself physically before surgery, the better off you will be.

Additionally, increased strength and stamina will also help your body immediately after surgery which can mean that you can be discharged from the hospital earlier and you may get back on your feet quicker through walking and mild physical activity. . After all, you’ve been working out, you are feeling stronger, and your body recovers quicker.

Many times hospitals or surgical centers require from their patients that they walk a certain distance, ascend/descend two or more stairs, and independently use the bathroom before they will get discharged. Those goals are more quickly reached by patients who participated in strengthening through a pre-hab program.  This means shorter hospital stays.

More and more physicians are now “prescribing” pre-hab before surgery because they are aware of the benefits before, during, and after surgery. Studies have also shown that patients who pre-hab typically need less supervised physical therapy. This allows the option for out-patient, post-surgery rehab, rather than residence at an in-patient rehabilitation facility. They can follow up more on an as-needed basis. This independence is uplifting and promising for those in recovery, when a positive outlook is critical for healing.

Having been through a lot of physical therapy myself and having studied a variety of methodologies, I know how to prepare clients for surgical procedures. My vast knowledge allows me to work around pain, target specific muscle groups and customizes the workout programs for optimal surgical preparation and recovery.

If you want to get on your feet sooner, require less intervention from healthcare practitioners, and make an overall quicker recovery, contact me today to discuss your unique situation.