Strength and Stamina Fitness Program

Making it in corporate America, being successful in your own business and feeling confident in any situation requires a certain level of fitness, mental strength, stress management, and resilience. What better way there is to accomplish this than by engaging in a purposeful and effective workout program that accomplishes all these goals?

Over the last 20 years I have worked with a variety of professionals from physicians, attorneys, consultants, executives and business owners who have a limited amount of time available but need a targeted and effective workout that gets it done.

No workouts are the same for me but they are targeted for my clients’ goals, bodily restrictions and time schedule. All of my workout programs are limited to 30 minutes but because of the variety and the vast knowledge I have, they are all very effective and challenging.

We use a variety of methods and tools – from weight lifting, kettle bells, TRX, plain old , stretching, yoga, kickboxing. My main goal is always that my clients are having fun while working out, getting challenged in a new way and achieve the results they desire. If this speaks to you, let’s talk and see how I can help you with your fitness and health goals.