Many people join an exercise program because they want to lose weight. They may have tried on their own to exercise more, maybe they have changed their eating habits but at the end the pounds are still not coming off. Effective weight loss is part science and part intuition; not one size fits all. Through my own experience and the experience of my clients I know that permanent weight reduction is a combination of better nutrition, emotional garbage reduction, and more physical activity. That’s why I never use the same approach for my clients. After all, I take into consideration their physical abilities and inabilities, body injuries, athletic abilities, and emotional situation when it comes to getting them on a path of greater fitness, health, and weight loss. And above all – I want my clients to enjoy the process. Too often I see how some people struggle through workouts, they tell me that they hate working out, that they workout to their exhaustion, and that they feel discouraged because they feel sore at the end of their workouts. My intention with my programs is to combine fun and challenge into the workout so that my clients don’t grow only physically but also mentally while losing the pounds. A good workout program is not where clients feel sore and defeated at the end but where they feel proud of what they accomplished while feeling refreshed to go to work or go home and being with their families. Having worked as the exclusive trainer for the 11Alive Wellstar Weight Loss Challenge in 2011, 2012 and for the 11Alive Northside Hospital Weight Smart Challenge in 2013, I know what gets people motivated to lose weight and get in shape. Depending on the situation and budget, I also encourage my clients to work together with nutrition coaches, life coaches and image consultants who can help them with the emotional and beauty part. After all, any great success is achieved through teamwork and I want to make sure that once my clients lose that weight they will keep it off permanently. If additional pounds are surrounding your waistline and you’ve tried different tools but haven’t achieved your results yet, give me a call at (678) 595-1064 or sign up for an initial consultation. I’d love to hear from you and support you if you are ready.
Weightloss Challenge Red Team