A good workout training is designed to keep people healthy, to stay flexible, stay strong and keep the muscles in balance. When I talk about muscle balance here is what I mean.

I don’t want to stereotype but you see many men who work out in gyms and they focus mainly on their chest and arms but they rarely work out their lower body. So what happens they create a muscle imbalance where the upper body is strong compared to the lower body. Body is overdeveloped and you get the rounding of the shoulders.

What I see with some women is that they want to work on their core, their stomachs but they don’t want to do strength exercises for other areas of their body out of fear that they are becoming too bulky. Both approaches are not advantageous for their health and strength.

At Get Fit Personal Training we focus on all muscles and all areas of the body. It incorporates training with machines and also training with free weights, bands, and body weight exercises. My philosophy is that any person needs to be able to push and pull their own body weight because my goal is to make my clients stronger for every day activities and to prevent every day injuries.

That’s why you see the contestants do exercises such as push ups, horizontal pull ups, squat to military press to build total body strength, walking push up.