A couple of weeks ago we talked about exercises for people who are standing all day while at work and people who are sitting all day. Additionally we mentioned that people really are not physically active like they need to be which causes them having issues with their overall body stability.

What are examples of body instability? People cannot restabilize themselves in the process of falling, they easily get hurt in every day activities where they say at end “I don’t know how it happened” or they cannot even do a simple exercise such as getting up from the floor. I even see this in young kids these days who cannot hold up their body in a basic push up position.

At Get Fit Personal training we use the functional movement screen to determine the body stability of a person and then customize the program based on the results.

This is one of the first areas where I like to work on with the contestants because everything else builds on this. Therefore you see them doing the walking out push up, the sit hand raise, and the leg raise, the low press high press squat.