In the past weeks we talked mainly about strength training exercises but a good fitness program also includes cardiovascular conditioning and training.

Some people think that cardio training is working out, but it is only one part of working out. Cardio training is aerobic, versus strength training is anaerobic. A balanced fitness program includes both components and many times cardio training can be combined with strength training.

The problem what I see in the fitness world is that men want more strength training (anaerobic exercise) and women want more aerobic exercise since they think that aerobic exercise keeps them trim. What happens is when someone does too much cardio training they actually deteriorate their muscle density and then they actually do themselves a disservice because it is muscles that burn and need energy and the less muscles we have, the less calories we burn.

At Get Fit Personal Training we know that many of our clients have only limited time for working out and in order to maximize their workout program, we combine cardio training with strength training.