Working out at home with strength training can be very advantageous but it also can become dangerous when someone is not really familiar with the art of working out. This is because most people are so excited they don’t look at the whole alphabet of training. They look at it from a-z but not at the process (letters) in between.

So for example, someone says they want to work out in order to lose weight and they are all excited about it. But many times they have been sedentary for a while and they only look at working out from their objective of losing weight and they miss out on the main objective – working out safely. The result is that they get hurt and they stop working out. Many times the weight gain continues.

So what are the major mistakes people do when they work out on their own?

Not properly warming the body up

Overdoing the exercise

Improper technique

Plateau-ing and not knowing how to get out of it

One dimensional workouts – always doing the same exercise routine (no variety)

At Get Fit Personal Training we initially evaluate a person’s physical ability with the Functional Moving Screen test. Then we look at the client’s goal (whether it is losing weight, gaining strength, getting fit, or improving their sport) and the score results of the test and we create a customized workout that maximizes results and eliminate injuries. At Get Fit exercise routines are never the same.